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Not sure if anyone will read this, but I thought it would be a good place to let out my thoughts…..

A little background on my IVA… Started in mid 2007….. Got into silly debt with loans, credit cards, store cards, over drafts…. I could not tell you the exact amount, but it could total over £25,000! How did I get into that debt?! I was a single mum at the time with a young daughter…… Living at home with my parents and working part time…… It had got to the point that I was living in my OD and I couldn’t get out of it… My parents found out about my debt and that was the turning point….. Phone calls were made to a debt helpline and an IVA was offered….

My parents house is actually owned by my brother…. They had gotten into debt and they needed to sell their house to pay off the debts… My brother stepped in to help and he bought it off them and they pay the mortgage…. So in my parents eyes going BR was not an option… They thought that it would impact on my brother… An IVA was the way forward… I was young (23) and was too naive to do my own homework… So an IVA is what I went for… How now I wished I had done my homework! I would of been debt free a long time ago….. I also went with the first IVA company we rang… Didn’t do any research on that either….

So my IVA was set up… I cannot give you exact figures as to how many pence in the £ I was paying back…… But my repayments started at £250…. Manageable as I was doing OT at work… As my first year was coming to a close I was struggling with the repayments and the OT at work had stopped, so I was only on my PT wage… So my monthly installments were reduced to £150….. Much more manageable… So this was in 2008…. Come to the end of 2008 I met my now husband….. We decided to move in together in Feb 2009….. This is when my IVA journey took a turn……..

I didn’t want my now DH to know about my stupid debt…. So I kept it a secret… But in doing that I started to ignore my IP….. Threw letters away, ignored phone calls…. (very stupid I know!) I never stopped my monthly installments as they were manageable…. But I didn’t want my debt to ruin our lives together… So I think it was a case that I did not want my payments increasing…. So ignoring them was the easiest option!!! You would think I would of grown up and learned my lesson by now!! Obviously not……. Fast forward to the end of 2009 and the calls got very bad, so I spoke to them and gave them a current I&E…. My payments were due to change to £175 at some point… I don’t remember when or why, but I never upped my payments… This was also the last contact I had off them until now……

So the last 3.5 years have been a whirlwind…. We got pregnant in Feb 2010….. Moved in with my parents mid 2010 to save up a deposit for a house…. Baby born in Oct 2010, moved into our own home in Jan 2011…. Mortgage in hubby’s name only…. (All he knew was that I was still paying off debt and it had ruined my credit rating) Lived happily for the next 1.5 years… Wedding booked for April 2012….. Pregnant again in May 2012 (post honeymoon baby… As we took kids on our honeymoon) Third and final baby born in Feb 2013…. Finally admitted the problems to hubby a couple of weeks ago… Knew I was 6 years in in June this year…. So I knew things were coming to a close….

Got in touch with my IVA company…. I had been transferred over to GT from Blair Endersby…. I knew that my IVA was still active as I had checked the insolvency register and my IVA was still current…. Spoken to my new IP and I am in arrears of £675… She was happy for me to carry on paying the £150 for 4 months and then a last repayment of £75 in January… Then I am done… Well for payments….. I think they may be chasing for PPI and I will need to wait for my certificate… And from what I have been reading on this forum, GT don’t give them out easily… So I maybe chasing for that….

There is still more to my story and I shall share it with you all in time……

Well done if you get this far… LOL…..

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